Past Projects


P/Strada formed the Telecommunications Business Division in response to the high demand for telephone products and to provide exceptional support.  Our quality assurance process assures that we exceed our customer’s expectations. As government and commercial business demand the latest technology, P/Strada provides project management, engineering support, product procurement and other needed services to meet specific project demands.


Telecommunications Projects and Services

Motorola “1st Responders” Project on behalf of the State of Missouri from 6/12 - Present
P/Strada provided 19 DAQ /BER telecommunications testers on this MOSWIN (Missouri Statewide Interoperability Network) project. Leading this initiative was a project manager with 24 years of telecom industry experience. The project involved assessment testing the capabilities of the “1st Responders” upgraded and existing equipment for quality and performance of the system throughout the State of Missouri. This involved capturing data through both DAQ (delivered audio quality) and BER (bit error rate) testing on behalf of Motorola Solutions. This was a six month project which tested 113 of the counties throughout the state of Missouri. The analysis was conducted in an effort to the test the statewide, internal communications (operability) for a number of regional agencies that are removing disparate radio systems and to provide a consistent platform for these agencies to operate on. It will provide local agencies with an interoperable “platform” to talk to each other and communicate with various state organizations.
Motorola “1st Responders” Project on behalf of the State of Nebraska from 9/12 – Present
P/Strada provided 8 DAQ/BER telecommunication testers and 2 dispatch personnel to fulfill the requirements for the State of Nebraska assessment, coverage design and testing upgrade project. Leading this initiative was a project manager with 24 years of telecom industry experience. This statewide assessment was completed to determine the current state and overall system performance of the existing VHF system. The assessment was done to define the usable coverage areas, to provide updated informational predictions/maps and to assist in locating areas that have coverage reliabilities lower than required. The conducted testing provided the DAQ (delivered audio quality) value for voice, BER% (bit error rate) and RSSI (received signal strength indication) for each assessed tile grid. The P/Strada teams tested the designated path as determined by Motorola Solutions and the State of Nebraska.
Motorola “1st Responders” Project on behalf of the City of KCMO from 10/09 – Present

P/Strada provided project management and project engineer design support on this $34M system upgrade. Leading this initiative was a Sr. project manager with 23 years of telecom industry experience.  P/Strada procured $2M of Alcatel Lucent product, design and engineering services and established relationships with 14 vendors in support of this project.  Other key areas P/Strada was responsible for included securing the fleet mapping services and the coordination of the City’s communication system installations in the fleet cars, pumpers and various vehicles.

Our “greening” program successfully recycled the obsolete equipment through our “zero landfill initiative” that benefits the City of KCMO and Motorola through the EPA compliance programs.  P/Strada provided a secure bonded warehouse with the capability of receiving, inventorying and delivering product to the tower sites.  We coordinated all of the site rewiring, site modifications and the installation of VoIP at the required sites.  P/Strada hired the teams for the DAQ testing to capture data to test over 12,000 grids as a quality measure.  Additionally, we provided individuals to fulfill administrative roles as required for note taking at various meetings, transcription of notes to a DVD and to work at the Motorola office to assist with various project related tasks.

An example of our E-Waste “greening” initiative on this project involved removing antennas, satellite dishes and other obsolescent equipment as requested by the client from selected tower sites.  These items were demilled and disposed of under the strictest of quality standards and in a “zero landfill” manner that complied with the EPA government specifications.

Tusa Consulting DAQ Testing Project from 8/11 – 10/11
Tusa Consulting contracted with P/Strada to manage the DAQ (delivered audio quality) testing component of the City of KCMO “1st Responders” project. The audio tests were conducted on 12,000 grids over the three month period of the project to capture data, measure signal strength and ensure the highest quality transmission was provided.
KC Southern Railroad Microwave Procurement from 8/11 – 12/11

P/Strada was awarded a competitive bid in November, 2011 for the procurement of microwave equipment required by KC Southern Railroad in support of their hub location.  We established relationships with 5 telecommunications suppliers to support this initiative.

Point of contact: Kim Randolph,

Staff Augmentation


Combined Arms Research Library (CARL)

U.S. Army, Ft. Leavenworth, KS (CARL)
Teamed with MPRI P/to provide a digital librarian for Ft. Leavenworth’s Combined Arms Research Library (CARL).

Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) Records Management

U.S. Army, Ft. Leavenworth, KS
P/Strada has contract employees working in the Center of Army Lessons Learned (CALL) for the United States Army Combined Arms Center (CAC).  These employees support the CALL Research Division by providing lessons learned and knowledge support to the Army, joint operations, and other service allies/coalition partners. They provide the expertise of doctrine creation as Technical Writer II and Technical Writer III. A key component of this  knowledge support is the collection, processing, organization, and retention of lessons learned; observations, insights and lessons (OIL); tactics techniques, and procedures (TTP); after action reviews (AAR); operational records (e.g., operations orders/plans, fragmentary orders, situation reports, intelligence summaries, etc.) and oral histories from actual Army operations, experiments, and training events; records processed include new materials from current and historical records.  They are also responsible for maintaining a repository of AARs and operational products as directed by AR-33, the Army Lessons Learned Program.

General Services Administration (GSA) Region 6

Kansas City, MO

P/Strada has four contract employees working in the Fleet Management Center (FMC) and Accident Management Center (AMC) providing the following administrative support services:

  • Daily clerical and customer service support
  • Daily management correspondence and business processes between the AMC, legal counsel, GSA Financial Management Center and third-party insurance companies
  • Administer the vehicle repair function by monitoring status of purchase orders issued to vendors responsible for repairs
  • Manage high volume daily correspondence and mail
  • Maintain and enter information into databases, archive files, and prepare reports
  • Coordinate travel, maintain time and attendance records for government personnel utilizing the FedDesk and E-2 solutions eTravel systems

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Stanley Associates

P/Strada had a contract to provide employees for the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services facility in Laguna Niguel, CA. This contract is opened ended and the company had a task order requirement for 42 employees. We also had been contracted to provide 23 employees at the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services facility in St. Albens, VT   to fulfill a task order at this location.  These roles all require confidential security clearance. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) needed to acquire records management and processing services for its Service Center Direct Mail Program.  P/Strada was one of the very few subcontractors selected by Stanley and Associations to staff this contract.

P/Strada’s position on this contract was highly visible due to the impact our employees had on the metrics being measured.  The records management tasks we fulfilled involved mail operations, data collection, feed collection, and files operations.  Other tasks performed were recording the receipt, processing, and delivery of incoming and outgoing mail for all components in the Service Centers and for the USCIS Regional Headquarters for the Western Region.  This included handling registered mail, which is an authorized means of transmitting classified information at the Secret level.  All mail was routed, processed, and accounted for in a manner that optimized proper file management and security, expedited data collections and maintained financial accountability.

The P/Strada management team executes the overall supervision of this contract to include meeting all deliverable requirements to our program management practices of streamlined management, risk mitigation and quality control plans. P/Strada’s team is dedicated to providing the Research Division qualified technicians and a strong and responsive management team.

Homeland Security

U.S. Army, Ft. Leavenworth, KS (TRADOC)
Through Cubic Applications, P/Strada was subcontracted to provide services to the Ft. Leavenworth Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) mandated DOTMLPF in the following areas: Doctrine Development, Organizational Development, Training Development, Materiel Development, Leadership Development, Personnel Development and Facility Development.

IT Consulting Services

State of Missouri 4/26/06 through 6/30/12
To provide IT Project Management Consulting, Development and Analysis throughout the various agencies in the state department as well as other government agencies.

Professional Services – Maneuver Support Center

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 8/1/04 through 7/31/09

P/Strada provides subcontract mission support services for the U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center (MANSCEN), to include:

  1. Training Development
  2. Training Support

The MANSCEN plays a critical role in supporting the Army at war, while simultaneously evolving to support Army Future Force transition

Minority/Woman Owned Business Enterprise Outreach Consultant

Burns & McDonnell 8/06 to Present
Provide consultant services to Burns & McDonnell in their role as the owner’s representative for Jackson County Sports Complex Authority on the renovations of the football and baseball stadiums for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas City Royals.

Kansas City Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) Consultant

Hunt Midwest 7/06 to Present

Provide consultant services on TIF related matters to Hunt Midwest Enterprises, Inc. on their Parvin Road and North Oak projects. Attend TIF meetings as the developer’s representative.